About Me

I’m an Integrative Nutrition health coach and a Raw Food Chef and Nutrition Educator trained at the Living Light Culinary Institute. Before I became passionate about holistic health, I was a commercial actress and model as well as a singer/songwriter/rocker with my all girl band the Halo Friendlies for seven years. If you’re a video game enthusiast you might know me as Judy Nails from the Guitar Hero video game series.

Today I write books, give talks and teach classes to help people become slimmer, more energetic, radiant and vibrant. I love helping people reach their health goals in a way that is doable and delicious.

My three books Raw & Simple, Raw & Simple DETOX and Going Raw are great guides to get you started in raw foods.

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So Why Raw?

Raw foods are foods that have been unheated, unprocessed and unrefined thereby preserving their nutritional content and allowing our bodies to be fully nourished. High heat cooking destroys around 70% of the nutrients in our food like vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients.  The standard American diet (SAD) is so high in cooked and processed foods that it is no wonder we suffer from so many degenerative diseases. Arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis, depression and type 2 diabetes are all caused by poor nutrition and can often be reversed or improved by adopting a raw food detox diet for a few weeks or months (or in my case, years). Even going 50% raw can improve your health dramatically. I don’t believe in an all or nothing diet, or any kind of dietary dogma, but I do know first hand that eating clean food can bring us closer to optimal health.

I learned the hard way that what we eat affects our body, mind and spirit. I suffered from fatigue, depression, bad moods, bad skin and arthritis. I was addicted to coffee, diet Coke, dairy and sugar and still never felt like I had any energy. I found that eating whole foods in their natural state allowed my body to detoxify and heal. I have clarity and creativity like I’ve never had before and look and feel better in my 40s than I did in my 20s.

No Dietary Dogma Allowed

Just because I eat a lot of raw food doesn’t mean I don’t eat cooked. In fact, my diet has evolved over the years. I originally started out as a raw vegan because that’s what my body needed at the time, but after a couple years I added a little cooked vegan food, and a few years after that a few pasture raised eggs and wild salmon. Listening to your body is more important than committing to a set of dietary rules. A diet that works well for you now many not down the road as you age, increase or decrease your activity level, experience hormonal shifts, increase your exposure to toxins, or deal with the daily stress of life. I just go with the flow and allow my dietary journey to go where it needs to without being locked into a label or diet fad. I’m open to all whole food diets as long as they’re clean and unprocessed (and include a lot of fresh live food!).

Remember, you are what you eat, so eat well and be well!

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